Health is a priceless treasure. Therefore, to stay healthy, people are willing to do anything. All the ways that are carried out both medically and non-medically valuable, from the logical to the supernatural nuances are various efforts made by many people from various walks of life to always be healthy or regain their health.

Often the way it is done costs a lot of money and even often bumps into various norms and logics. But actually keeping yourself healthy is not difficult, and sometimes it also costs nothing at all. But of course, kits need extra patience and determination, because few people can stay consistent.

How to maintain health so that it is not easy to get sick is often sought after by those of us who have a high busyness. Active people are prone to various diseases compared to people who have little mobility. Therefore, it is very important for those of us who are active to pay attention to our health.

Because people who have a highly busy life will get tired very easily. When the body is tired or tired, the immune system will weaken, and when the immune system is weakened, various diseases will be able to enter the body. People who are busy with their work will also have difficulty managing their sleep patterns so when a person has a little night’s sleep hours he will be easily exposed to various kinds of diseases due to lack of sleep. Not only that, people with high busyness are often exposed to stress where stress is the main cause of various kinds of serious diseases.

Here are some ways to maintain a healthy body or a healthy way of life that we can use as a reference so that the body remains fit and healthy and always happy.

  1. Positive Thinking.
Positif Thinking

In a healthy body, there is a strong soul the meaning of this sentence, if a person’s soul is healthy (positive thinking) then the body will also be healthy. Mental disorders such as stress and depression have been shown to interfere with a person’s body health. For this reason, continue to think positively and manage your mental state so as not to experience stress that has the potential to interfere with your health.

Positive thoughts are essential for our lives and health. Because if we often think badly, bad energy will envelop the body and trigger stress so we must avoid it.

We should also stay away from people with a negative mindset. A positive mental attitude is an important part of healthy living. This certainly makes it unnecessary for us to approach Negative-minded people who will poison our minds with all the thoughts that can cause stress that adversely affects our health.

  1. Control Stress
Stres Rutine Woman

Manage emotions well, Don’t be easy to get angry, this is very important because it will make the body’s energy exhausted and also not good for the heart later. Be a person who smiles easily and is friendly because this is good for yourself and others.

A person’s feelings such as sadness, anger, anxiety, disappointment, etc. will be responded to by other organs of the body. Stress experienced by a person can be a trigger for the formation of free radicals in the body, which if left unattended for a long time results in the body being vulnerable to disease.

Therefore, to keep the body healthy we must be able to control the stress we have. Never take this stress disease for granted. Stress that is not immediately overcome will turn into depression. Depression is a level of psychic disorder that is more harmful than stress. A depressed person can even endanger his own safety. This stress usually appears in the work environment, family environment, social environment or even in the social environment. To avoid depression, it’s a good idea to know how to overcome stress effectively.

  1. Get to know body language

Fatigue after doing activities or exercising is our body language to convey the message that the body needs to contain health. Respond to the message by resting the body. We must be aware even of small things, for example, eyes that feel sore and watery when working in front of a computer, it means that our eyes are tired and need rest. Don’t force it if you don’t want to have a problem with your eyes.

Rest is a natural condition that the body needs to restore stamina that has been drained. Getting enough and regular rest is the key to being healthy that we must do. Sleep is the best rest, and try to have a quality sleep time of about 7 to 8 hours per day fulfilled. Do not be less and do not overdo it, because even most sleep will trigger the onset of the disease.

Because many people are affected by the disease because their sleeping hours are haphazard and not of quality. Many of them slept late at night and then woke up too early. The reason for work makes them carry out an unhealthy lifestyle. After a long day of work, our body needs to rest so that the organs in the body also do not work too hard. There are a great many diseases due to lack of sleep that lurk in people with insufficient hours of sleep.

And at the time of sleep, it would be nice if sleep with the lights not on and improve the quality of our sleep by sleeping without a pillow. Not only at night, but sleeping during the day will also greatly benefit our bodies.

  1. Maintaining a Diet

We must be able to maintain a diet, lest we leave breakfast and always set the clock to eat. People who can’t keep up with their diet will very easy to get stomach ulcers. The first symptom of stomach ulcer disease that people who do not have a regular diet will feel is that the stomach feels wrapped around and is often affected by abdominal pain. To avoid such things, here are also some tips for maintaining a good diet:


Consuming Balanced Nutrition

Consuming foods with balanced nutrition is no stranger to foods with balanced nutrition, foods with balanced nutrition are 4 healthy and 5 perfect. All the nutritional foods are in 4 healthy and 5 perfect foods. Indeed, due to economic factors, many people also cannot carry out such a diet. Their diet is mostly if there are already vegetables then the side dishes are not there. Even if there are two, many people cannot drink milk every day, so the 4 healthy 5 perfect food with balanced nutrition is not fulfilled.

Avoid Overeating or lacking

Do not overeat or lack Excessive food can make us overweight or obese which can trigger various diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. Meanwhile, eating too little (for dietary reasons for example) risks reducing the intake of nutrients needed by the body. Eat according to your needs, the ideal weight of the body is healthy.

Eat small portions, but more often. It is good enough to implement. We can change the meal schedule a little if we are used to eating large portions with a small frequency, which is 2-3 times a day. Then we can divide it into 4 or 5 times a day, in smaller portions. The purpose of breaking down this portion of food is so that the body avoids receiving too much food that must be digested at one time,


Avoid Junk Food

Junk Food (Junk food)Junk food is also called junk food. Junk food is junk food because in that food there are no nutrients at all. It is precisely that food is a source of disease for the body. Junk food is food that contains high saturated fats that are a source of coronary heart disease. So that the body does not get sick easily, of course, we must avoid these junk food foods.

Consumption of fibrous foods

Eating fibrous foods (vegetables and fruits)Fibrous foods have been trusted and proven to play a very important role in maintaining a healthy body. We need fibrous foods to keep our bodies healthy and fit. Fibrous food serves to avoid constipation and also nourishes the digestive organs. Foods that are high in fibre are also useful for removing toxins that stick to the intestines, especially the colon. If the colon has a lot of toxins, the risk of colon cancer tends to be large. One of the food sources that are rich in fibre and have tremendous benefits for the body includes broccoli, apples, carrots and nuts.

  1. Meet the Need for Fluids
The Couple Drink Water Image.jpg

Most of us are unaware that we often don’t drink enough water every day. This is certainly not a good thing, because as we know water is very important for our bodies. This is because we lose water every day through urine, defecation, sweat and breathing, so we need to replenish the water intake in our body.

A study shows the amount of water we need is dependent on various factors. Such as climatic and weather conditions, the physical activity we do, and also weight. But generally, we need 2.7 to 3.7 litres of water intake. Or at least we drink 8 glasses of water per day to meet the needs of body fluids every day. Don’t be less, and don’t overdo it either. Instead of wanting to get the most out of the benefits of drinking water, do not consume water excessively because it will actually be bad for your health.

If signs appear such as for example; Our urine is coloured or slightly yellowish, dry lips, dry mouth and slight urination. Immediately drink water because it is a sign that appears because our body begins to lack fluids.

And we should not consume liquids other than water, because it is water that is best to prevent us from the dangers of dehydration. Water is also able to make our body fit because the flow of blood and oxygen flow throughout the body becomes smooth. Because if the flow of blood and oxygen is not smooth, we will easily get tired, lethargic, collapse and so on.

To keep the body healthy and not get sick easily, it’s a good idea to meet the needs of fluids in our body. There are many dangers arising from a lack of fluid in the brain and other organs present in the human body. Lack of fluid in the body can cause blood flow and oxygen flow in blood vessels to be disrupted, and the result is that the blood becomes viscous. The organs in the human body consist of water or fluid so if the organ lacks water, the function of the organ is disturbed.

  1. Meet the Need for Vitamins

    Vitamin Illustration Image


Our body needs vitamin intake as a way to protect and maintain a healthy body to stay healthy and fit. Vitamin intake that can be used to maintain a healthy body is vitamin D and vitamin C.

Vitamin D plays a role in stimulating immune cells to dispel viruses and bacteria, strengthen bones, help prevent various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and reduce the risk of memory loss. Sources of vitamin D can come from the morning sun, eggs, fish, milk and cheese. If our body is deficient in vitamin D then the body will be easily exposed to germs and viruses. Vitamin D can basically be used as an antibody stimulation so that the antibody substance can produce an immune system that can be used to fight germs and bacteria in the body.

Not only vitamin D is important for the body, but vitamin C is also needed by the body. Vitamin C is used by the body to stabilize the immune system because a stable immune system will make the body’s immune system better so that the body is not susceptible to disease.

If necessary, consume supplements. For those of us who have very high mobility and have a high busyness, there is nothing wrong with consuming energy-enhancing supplements to maintain the energy in our bodies. This supplement is useful to keep our body from fatigue. If the fatigue of the immune system will decrease and when it decreases enter the disease caused by germs and viruses in our body. It is not surprising that people whose working hours are busy often get the flu, cough and also headaches. That’s because he’s exhausted and his immune system is declining.

  1. Keep yourself and the environment clean and the hygiene of food and drinks
wash the vegetable image.jpg

Maintaining personal and environmental hygiene is an absolute must-do if you want to stay healthy and fit. There are so many bacteria, germs and viruses around us that have the potential to be a source of disease. Get used to living clean to avoid bacterial contamination and harmful germs.

One is to wash your hands before eating. To minimize the arrival of diseases in the body, we must wash our hands properly before eating. It is known that the hands affected by germs will easily enter the body. The germ will later cause various kinds of health problems.

There are many dangers if we do not wash our hands before eating, one of which is that it will cause stomach pains. Some people get sick easily even though they often wash their hands before eating, it can be because the person does not know how to wash their hands properly and is sterile so that the germs still stick to their hands.

Washing hands is not arbitrary, especially as long as it is fast, but we must also know how to properly wash our hands. Washing hands must also be done with antiseptic soap, the function of soap is to kill germs and bacteria in human hands.

Living healthy and clean is a must-do in the environment around you. So don’t let you have a lazy nature to clean the house. Make sure the room we occupy in the condition is clean and free of dust. Do not forget to use a mask when cleaning the room.

And last but not least, we must pay attention to the hygiene of food and drinks and ensure that the food we are going to eat is free from germs and viruses. It is indeed safer if we cook our own food at home and do not get used to snacking carelessly.

Always make sure the food and drinks that we will consume are in clean condition and have been processed in the right way, have passed the pasteurization process according to standards. Pasteurization is the process of heating dishes to kill microbes. Also, pay attention to food and beverage ingredients, and make sure to avoid food intake that can be detrimental to health.

  1. Exercise Regularly

    Eercise Regularly Image.jpg


At least every morning try to exercise regularly. We can exercise such jogging, cycling and others. Or at least expand the walk. By starting to get used to walking, little by little it will be useful to burn the body’s calories.

Based on experts’ explanations, walking can burn about 180 calories per minute. For example, when you want to go to a stall that is a short distance, do it by walking, don’t take a motorbike so that in addition to being healthy, it also saves on gasoline costs. In addition, avoid sitting for too long because it can make your body get tired quickly. This method has proven to be very effective for maintaining the health and fitness of our bodies.

For those of us who do not have heart disease, we can exercise strenuously for 30 minutes a day. And for people who have experienced heart problems, how to maintain a healthy body to stay fit, you can do light exercise for 15 minutes and according to the ability to keep their body from getting sick easily. Exercise can be used to improve blood circulation and burn fat in the body.

Without exercise, the fat in the body cannot be burned completely so the fat will still stick to the blood vessels causing the narrowing of the blood vessels. And fat can also stick to the heart it can result in a heart attack. Therefore, exercise is very important to keep the body healthy.

  1. Avoid bad habits
Ciggarete Image

Things can damage the body, namely smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, and consumption of fast food. Therefore, immediately stay away from these bad habits.

Since such food and drink contain harmful chemical substances that can damage the body’s organs. Moreover, the risk of diseases that arise due to such unhealthy consumption is deadly diseases.

Healthy Living is Easy, the Key to Discipline

Healthy is expensive if any illness we have can be sold out for treatment, therefore if we want to save money, then just live a healthy lifestyle. Healthy living alone is very simple. We just have to follow how to maintain health or a healthy way of life as described above. If we are disciplined in carrying it out, in addition to being cost-effective in carrying it out, our health will also be maintained. Since Health is an invaluable wealth, therefore take care of our health before the disease comes. No regrets come ahead, regrets always come later.



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