Psychologists Reveal How to Start Self Healing for Health Mental Recover

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Reporting from the website of the Sepuluh November Institute of Technology (ITS), psychologist Agata Paskarista, S.Psi., M.Psi., CPS said wounds are psychologically different from wounds in general. He explained that psychological wounds are not visible but can be felt and last longer.  Furthermore, he presented several ways to start self-healing so that people can come to terms with the experience of not wearing in the past. Approximately, what are they?

How to start self-healing Agata said people need to do self-healing because psychological injuries cannot disappear over time. Therefore, he reminded us that the healer is oneself and everyone can self-heal. Self-healing is necessary to accept imperfections, string together positive thoughts about his life, and understand himself. To do so, the journey of recuperating oneself from inner wounds can begin in the following ways.

Self Love

Patin sores due to past experiences of not wearing can arise in anxiety, feelings of failure, and deep sadness. Equally important, according to Agata, is to put limits on yourself to negative things, such as social media.

Self Acceptance

Agata advises people to do during their journey to recover inner wounds. Self-acceptance can begin with appreciating, acknowledging,  and accepting one’s limitations and achievements. That way, people who undergo self-acceptance can understand their limitations in themselves and know the abilities they need to develop. Agata added self-acceptance when self-healing needs to be accompanied by self-love. Quoted from Psychcentral, self-love is an attitude of accepting fully and treating oneself well.

Self Comparison

Last but not least, to start self-healing is the ability of people to be aware of the response and emotional state of the suffering experienced. Self-compassion also helps people who harbor inner wounds to understand the desire to help themselves. In simple terms, self-compassion directs people to form a desire to change and live themselves when they realize they are.

Those are some tips to make your life healthier, especially for mental health, and most importantly make yourself a priority.

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